Daily Reporting Playbook

One-Click Smart Restaurant Operations Reporting

Reports based on workforce and food facts, not guesses

Smart Restaurant Reporting provides dozens of mission critical reports, including:

  • Actual vs. Theoretical food cost analysis
  • Inventory Value and Efficiencies
  • P&L
  • Purchase by GL
  • Sales Transactions
  • Recipe Margins
  • Labor Productivity
  • Labor P&L
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Plus dozens more pre-built reports…..

Consolidate Multi-System Reports - Consolidated reporting delivers big-picture analysis, drill-down capabilities target problems at the transaction level from one or more POS and Accounting solutions.

Create Exception-Based Alerts  -  Receive flash reports that proactively alert the right person at the right time to prevent  issues before they occur. Empower managers with a focused data when thresholds exceed minimum or maximum levels.  

Integrate With Existing POS and Accounting Systems - Integration to multiple POS and accounting systems to empower operations with centralized reporting while leaving existing systems intact.   Electronically integrate with vendor supplier systems via FTP and EDI. Prevent errors by receiving order confirmations, electronic invoices, and electronic order guide updates in real-time.

Normalize Data Across Locations - Standardize restaurant data across multiple concepts, time zones, languages, currencies, and unlimited hierarchies to enable consolidated reporting.  

Simplify Location Reporting -  Empower operations with a single location for reporting.  Eliminate the need to manage 60 plus POS reports in multiple systems, logins, and locations.

Centralize Document Management - Simplify document and data management with a centralized document repository that includes security to share documents across multiple locations.

Empower Managers with powerful Insights to proactively increase profits  

  • Exception based reporting across all locations

  • Assign and take action on tasks, to-do’s, and follow-ups to team members.

  • Send broadcast and individual messages to team members.

  • Log daily shift and personnel notes in the store log.

  • Remote access to communication logs, shift, and personnel notes.

  • Attach pictures and comments to a task or to-do.

  • Check in on store activity.