Workshop Schedule eFish / NCC - Best Practices in Higher Profits with Control Tower Management


September 24th – 2:30 PM EST

o Centralize Total Profit Management - Register Here >>>

Join us for this valuable NCC/eFish workshop for walk through of how eFish and NCC create opportunities to increase profitability while increasing revenue.


October 10th – 2:30 PM EST

o Enable Optimized Inventory and Cost Reduction Tips  - Register Here >>>

Learn how NCC and eFish empower locations to optimize inventory control, reduce inventory costs, and simplify inventory management.


November 7th – 2:30 PM EST

o Empower Teams with Total Labor Control Management - Register Here >>>

Join us for this online workshop and discover how NCC and eFish manage labor costs, simplify compliance, and automate the labor process.


December 5th – 2:30 PM EST

o How to Automate Intelligent Controls  - Register Here >>>

Learn the top 5 Revenue and Cost Controls with NCC and eFish  to centralize back office and operations.