Accounts Payable

Simplify the Invoice Entry Process - Electronic input simplifies and expedites the invoice entry process, reducing costs and increasing accuracy.    Invoice entry tools free resources by allowing multiple staff to review and enter invoices while using smart cost templates from prior invoice periods to save time.

AP processing - Automate the AP process reducing hundreds of hours of data entry time with  EDI and other feeds into suppliers for invoice images, costs, memorized transactions, purchase orders and more.

Memorize  Transactions - Expedite the invoice approval process with auto-validated transactions to ensure validated pricing.   Reduce the risk of excess costs with memorized transactions that compare prior contract prices to current invoices.

Invoice Image History - Expand access across the enterprise with views into invoices, transactions and invoice images without opening the accounting system.   View invoice history, costs, transactions, and invoice images at the store level in real time. Reduce review and audit time from 7 days out to immediate visibility.