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Restaurant Manager / Operator Control Tower Dashboards - Enable managers / operators with the tools to be successful. Personalized dashboards include key-metrics scorecards, daily dynamic manager notes for better ops execution, daily automated reports that quickly pinpoint where to save money and improve performance.


24/7 Schedule Access - Employees can easily access and manage their schedules via the ShiftX app which is available for both android and IOS. Receive push notifications when schedules are posted or updated and when requests are approved or denied.


Set Overtime Alerts -  before overtime happens.  Adjust schedules and reduce unnecessary costs by receiving system-generated alerts before overtime violations occur.


Monitor Earned Hour Values  - Manage earned hour performance metrics against  how many hours employees should have worked during a shift based on the actual sales during that same shift.  View how well schedulers are adjusting staffing needs in response to actual sales conditions throughout the day.


Tightly Integrate with Accounting and POS Systems - Enterprise views provide real-time visibility to the entire workforce, with full integration to business systems including POS, Payroll, Time Clock and Biometric devices.


Simplify the Invoice Entry Process - Electronic input simplifies and expedites the invoice entry process, reducing costs and increasing accuracy. Invoice entry tools free resources by allowing multiple staff to review and enter invoices while using smart cost templates from prior invoice periods to save time.


AP processing - Automate the AP process reducing hundreds of hours of data entry time with EDI and other feeds into suppliers for invoice images, costs, memorized transactions, purchase orders and more.


Integrated Vendor Management: reconcile invoices, and other mission critical vendor interactions in real time with live integration to vendor systems that include item cost, quantities, invoice imaging, invoice details, and more without making a trip to the accounting software.


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