Total Restaurant Management Control Tower

The efish Control Tower offers centralized reporting for Labor, Inventory and Accounting in the leading all-in-one restaurant management solution. Increase profits by 9% or more with an integrated dashboard providing ultimate control of everything, all in one place. efish synchs with your POS, Vendors, ShiftX (scheduleing), and AP Software across multiple locations.

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Restaurant Manager / Operator Control Tower

Permissions Based Dashboards - Enable managers / operators with the tools to be successful. Personalized dashboards include key-metrics scorecards, dynamic task lists for better ops execution, and reports that quickly pinpoint where to save money and improve performance.

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  • Reduce Labor Cost - 5% 
  • Reduce Food Cost - 6%
  • Save Time 
  • Real Time Info at the Right Time
  • Deliver Key Metrics.
  • All-in-One Place    

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