Food Cost Management

Automate Actual vs. Theoretical Food Costing  - Save 2% - 5% on food costs with actual vs. theoretical Food costing.  Compare actual paid food costs to what those costs should have been.   Identify differences by store to improve food cost control from breakage, shrinkage, and waste.   Compare and identify stores with the highest differences to simplify cost management.

Suggested Ordering – Simplify ordering at the store-level with system-generated suggested ordering based on par levels, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts and on-hand inventory levels.

Simplify Invoice Reconciliation – Electronically integrate with vendors to import invoices and expedite invoice reconciliation.  Reduce the cost of processing invoices while improving accuracy. Expedite reconciliation, and reduce administrative overhead.   Manage quantity and price discrepancies with configurable preferences. Managers save time and increase data integrity with exception only invoice processing.

Easy Sales and Cash Reconciliation – Capture mission critical data including over/short, guest counts, comps and discounts, credit card transactions, bank deposits, catering activity, day-part analysis, voids, and much more.

Eliminate Spreadsheets -  Remove spreadsheets from daily operations with centralized access to multiple data sources within a single solution.  Eliminate errors and time consuming manual data entry, while adding the ability to scale across the organization without relying on a single point of failure.

Reduce Time in POS - Centralizing one or more POS solutions increases productivity, reduces training time, and simplifies daily operations with a single view  that includes dashboards and detailed POS data from every location.

Loss Prevention – Identify fraudulent activities though alerts and trend tracking by exception. Monitor high cost ingredients, isolate critical areas, and track user-specific activities to reduce dishonest behavior. Take preventative measures to ensure  loss prevention is minimized.