Employee Benefits

Empower Teams to Take Control and Ownership of Their Work - User level scheduling  empowers teams to view and learn from schedules to improve profits at any level within the restaurant.  

Enable Employee Shift Trading - Enable teams to trade and even “market” their shift to other team members where skills are certified and manager approval is received.   Create a more efficient workplace while enforcing positive culture and staff ownership.

Employee Dashboards -   Equip staff to view schedules and shifts, request shift time, and request time off.  Available online and mobile.

Reduce Turnover Risk -  Embed standard processes and procedures to expedite training.   Create standard workflows that keep profits consistent while speeding up the onboarding process for new team members.  

Max Profits with Shift Management  -  Create best case profit shifts by defining the rules and relationships between time-of-day, job codes, skills, tasks, and menu items that underlie schedules, training, skill certifications and task assignments.